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Despite our reputation as the “Great White North,” summers in Edmonton are actually quite balmy. With average daytime temperatures around 23º C, the dog days of summer can even get too warm for comfort. From the sticky, humid air in your home to workplace temperatures that aren’t suited for professional attire, there are a lot of downsides to not having temperature control.

When the air inside your property becomes uncomfortable, that’s when the right air conditioner can be a major benefit. Providing you a fast and easy way to customize the temperature at any time, from cool air during the heat of the day to keeping things comfortable at night, an air conditioner helps make the most out of summer.

The Benefits of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is pretty much seen as a necessity of modern life, keeping you cool and comfortable no matter how hot it gets. While most people see the obvious benefit of air conditioning, there are other rewards to enjoy:

  • Improved performance – Heat has a negative impact on both intellect and focus. When temperatures are comfortable, focus and critical thinking improve, leading to better performance at work and at home.
  • Better physical fitness – If you’ve ever jogged outside in the summer, you know how hard exercise can be in the heat. When temperature and humidity are high, sweat sits on your skin instead of evaporating, keeping body temperatures high. This impedes your physical abilities, and leads to a less effective workout.
  • Reduced sweating – Keeping at a comfortable temperature reduces sweating, which means a reduced risk of dehydration. When temperatures are very high and water intake is compromised, initial dehydration can be quite quick. Lower temperatures protect against this, helping keep you hydrated for longer.
  • Fewer unwanted pests – Many bugs thrive in warm temperatures. Air conditioning can help control their spread, minimizing the presence of unwanted critters in your home or office.
  • Improved air quality – A high-quality air conditioning installation job can improve air quality, reducing airborne irritants such as pollen and dust, and provide for cleaner, easier breathing.

Whether you’ve been considering an air conditioner, or simply want to be sure your current unit is up to par, the pros at Hydro-Flo can keep you cool all summer long.

Choosing an Air Conditioner That’s Right for You

Not all air conditioners are created equal. Units are available in different shapes and sizes, and with different purposes, giving you lots of options to choose from.

  • Central air conditioning – By far the most common, central air conditioning is highly desirable for large homes and commercial buildings. Air is circulated through supply and return ducts in the walls and floors. Central air conditioning units are generally located outside for commercial businesses, usually in package rooftop units.
  • Ductless air conditioners – A small alternative to central air, ductless air conditioners have an outdoor condenser and an indoor unit that blows air. Ductless air conditioners can accommodate two to four indoor units and are ideal for cooling large rooms or small commercial spaces.
  • Window units – A low-budget alternative to permanent systems, window units are placed in an open window and are used to cool a specific room. These affordable units are best for small spaces as they do not have much reach.
  • Portable air conditioners – Portable air conditioners are similar to air purifiers, taking in air from a room, cooling it, and then expelling it while venting warm air outside. Like window air conditioners, portable air conditioners are best suited for single rooms or small spaces.
The Importance of a Professional Air Conditioning Resource

Do you have an air conditioning unit? Do you wish you had an air conditioner? Hydro-Flo can ensure your unit is always up to par, keeping your home or business comfortable on even the hottest of days.

We’ve been in the industry for years, providing top-notch maintenance, repair and installation work for Edmonton and area businesses and homeowners alike. So we would be happy to inspect your unit, make suggestions, perform repairs, and even install new air conditioners if needed. Let us help you keep your cool.

Call Hydro-Flo today to learn more about what we can do, and to get your free custom quote.