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Expert Furnace Installation Services

It’s vital to keep your home warm and comfortable during Edmonton’s cold winter months. A central heating system featuring a furnace or boiler is something many of us take for granted until it stops working. If you’re looking for expert furnace installation in Edmonton and surrounding areas in Alberta, turn to Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating. We install furnaces from several quality brands, including Carrier, York, and Rheem. If your furnace has seen better days and it may be time for a new one, we’d be happy to recommend more energy-efficient models. Please contact us today to schedule your free consultation. We’re also available around the clock for emergencies, day or night, to provide same-day service whenever possible. In addition to furnaces, we also specialize in boilers, hot water tanks, tankless water heaters, air conditioning, drain cleaning, and more. Call today!

Benefits of Installing a New Furnace from Hydro-Flo Plumbing

Whether you’re a homeowner or completing a new build, a new furnace offers many benefits to your space. First, a new furnace provides increased comfort control thanks to variable-speed technologies, which operate much quieter than older technology. Modern furnaces are usually more energy-efficient, lowering your utility costs and putting more money back into your pocket. Furnaces now start at a base 92% efficiency and go all the way to 98% efficiency.

The biggest change to your home when you install a new furnace will be the venting. Conventional homes used to use natural draft or the heat energy of the exhaust to vent the flue gas out of your home. Newer furnaces use plastic venting that typically vents out the side of your home. To increase furnace efficiency, new furnaces have two exchangers, which allow the furnace to scrub as much energy out of the natural gas you’re burning. This also allows furnaces to create condensate or water.

Tips for Choosing the Right Furnace for Your Edmonton Home

With so many different furnaces on the market today, how do you determine which one is right for your Edmonton-area home? The experts at Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating can offer advice on your furnace installation and find a model that makes sense for the size of your property and budget. Like buying a new car, there are lots of options to consider. We offer models from many well-respected brands, such as Carrier, Rheem, and York. Warranties can be extended to life for furnace exchangers and upgraded for other parts like blower motors, inducers, and other vital components of your furnace. Things to consider when installing a new furnace include:

  • How large is your home? – You’ll need to examine your home’s square footage, as well as insulation, windows, and ceiling heights when determining which system is the best match for your home’s heat output. If you’ve recently expanded your home with any additions, it may be time for a furnace upgrade in size too.
  • Where is your mechanical room situated inside your home? – A centrally-located furnace is best for even heat distribution throughout your house.
  • How long will you be staying in your home? – This may help you determine the best energy-efficiency and warranty for your needs. If you plan on moving in a few years, you may not be as concerned about having a long-term furnace warranty.
  • Are you keeping your hot water heater? – If so, a chimney liner may need to be run for optimal use and safety. If your home features a gas or electric insert, you may not need a chimney liner.
  • Do you have a floor drain nearby to handle the water the new furnace will create? – This is essential to prevent leaks and excess moisture from your furnace’s condensate drain lines.
  • Have you thought about adding an air conditioning coil? – This will increase your home’s value and increase your air conditioning’s efficiency.

We Do More Than Furnace Installations

Furnace Repairs to Keep Your Furnace Running Efficiently

Once you’ve decided on your new furnace, Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating wants to help you keep it running at peak efficiency. Furnace repairs are sometimes necessary to prevent leaks and deal with clogged air filters, tripped breakers, blown-out motor blowers, and other common repair issues. If your furnace has stopped heating your home consistently or you’ve noticed your energy bills creeping up, don’t hesitate to call us for a furnace inspection. We’d be happy to take a look at your thermostat and other furnace components to see if it’s time for a repair or replacement.

Understanding Why Furnace Maintenance Is Important

In addition to furnace installation and repair, Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating also offers furnace maintenance. Over time, your furnace’s parts may wear down, making your system work harder to heat your home. Regular maintenance is essential to extending the life of your furnace and keeping your family warm and safe. The biggest benefit of maintenance is it gives you peace of mind and prevents breakdowns in the middle of winter. Many manufacturer’s warranties may become voided without ongoing professional maintenance, so it’s important to keep track of what needs to be done.

Trusted Furnace Manufacturers

Our experienced team is authorized to repair, replace & install the following furnace brands:

  • Rheem
  • Carrier
  • Lennox
  • Trane
  • York
  • Keeprite
  • Payne
  • Bryant
  • Goodman

We Finance New Home Furnaces – Give Us a Call Today!

Do you have questions about furnace installation in Edmonton, AB? Give us a call for a free consultation, and we’ll guide you in choosing the furnace best-suited for your home and budget. At Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating, we understand everyone has different financial needs, so we also offer affordable financing options for your home furnace. Apply now for financing with our quick, safe, and easy credit application process!

Call today for a free consultation!   780-203-2230