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Call Us for Repairs Any Time

When you most need a heating contractor, count on Hydro-Flo to answer your call. Our team of experts is ready for the challenge 24/7. Boilers, hydronic systems, unit heaters, and furnaces—no matter the size, if you need a professional technician, we’re there for you.

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garage heater

Get More From Your Unit Heater

Upgrading your old unit heater provides a more energy-efficient home. We can replace that old furnace with a newer model that will save you on your energy bill. Call us for a free consultation where we’ll evaluate your current system and average energy bill and provide a cost comparison for repairing or replacing your current furnace. We’ll look for the most cost-effective options to get you the best possible deal.

garage heater

Garage Unit & Radiant Tube Heater Manufacturers

Hydro-Flo is authorized to install, replace & repair the following top garage unit heater brands:

  • Space Ray
  • Mr Heater
  • Reznor

Unit Heaters for Everyone

Unit heaters come in many sizes to effectively heat any space requirements. Go with the Flo and call Hydro-Flo to repair, service or install all grades of unit heaters. From small residential units that keep your home cozy to large commercial and industrial-grade equipment designed to warm large work areas and warehouses, we can help. We’ll always recommend the best brand and size of heater that will maximize efficiency and keep your whole space warm even during Edmonton’s coldest days.

Go With the Flo and Call Us Today!