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Reliable Heating Service for Edmonton Homes & Businesses 

Go with the Hydro-Flo for Professional Heating Services

It’s no secret that Canadian winters are cold, and the Edmonton area is no exception. You can trust Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating to keep your home or business toasty warm even in the coldest months. Whether you have a boiler, hydronic heating, or a furnace, a reliable heating service in Edmonton is a necessity and not a luxury. Our HVAC service technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured to ensure your property is heated adequately. Please give us a call for a free residential or commercial quote! 

Hydronic Heating
Unit Heaters

Expert Service for Boilers to Maintain Energy-Efficiency 

If your Edmonton-area home or office has a boiler, you’re not alone. Boilers are commonplace because they typically have lower operating costs than other heating systems. You’ll never have to worry about leaky ducts when you invest in a boiler. Moreover, boilers are renowned for offering more even heat distribution throughout your space because you don’t have to account for rising air. When it comes to energy-efficiency, you can’t go wrong with a boiler system. Hydro-Flo can look out for your boiler needs. 

Create Efficient Heating Zones with Hydronic Heating 

Have you explored the benefits of hydronic heating for your Edmonton home or business yet? This type of heating system allows you to create heating zones in your space for better temperature control. Hydronic heating is made possible by moving hot water through sealed pipes, which can be installed underneath your tile or wood floors. If you have a hydronic heating system, Hydro-Flo knows how to keep it in tip-top shape with maintenance and repair services. 

Unit Heaters Come in Many Sizes to Meet Space Requirements 

Many Canadians rely on unit heaters because they come in all sizes to meet any space requirements. From small unit heaters suitable for your garage to the larger ones found in commercial warehouses, Hydro-Flo has the expertise to ensure unit heaters keep you warm even on Edmonton’s coldest days. Unit heaters also vary from having their own heat source (gas burner or electric heater) to ones that are dependent on the heat source provided by a hydronic heating or boiler system. 

Trust Our Decades of Experience for Heater & Furnace Repair 

A broken heater or furnace is no good to anyone, especially when Alberta is at its coldest. Worried about contacting a team that can’t meet your needs for heater or furnace repair in Edmonton? Don’t be. Hydro-Flo knows how to provide an expert approach thanks to our decades of experienceWe’ve worked on every make and model to guarantee heating service that will exceed your expectations, no matter what you may be up against. We install and repair furnaces from many of the leading brands, including Rheem, Lennox, Carrier, Bryant, and many more.  

When it comes to furnace installation or repair, we’re among the best in the business. We’re on call around-the-clock to help you secure the resources you need, whenever you need them. We’ll evaluate every element of your unit to ensure no stone goes unturned. Once we’ve diagnosed your problem, we’ll propose the most effective repair or replacement solution. Our goal is to keep your furnace running efficiently, regardless of the forecast. From a mild season to the worst winter on record, we’ll make sure you’re ready for anything Mother Nature has in store.  

Edmonton Heater Maintenance and Inspections Made Easy 

How do you know if your heater is up to par? Rather than making an unpleasant discovery in the middle of the winter, rely on Hydro-Flo for heater maintenance and inspections in the Edmonton area. Our inspections can reveal problems while they’re still in the early stages, keeping you well-informed and aware all year. We believe in the importance of preventative maintenance to help your heater live the longest life possible. Don’t throw caution to the wind; rely on Hydro-Flo’s routine maintenance services. You can also count on us to provide tips for staying warm in Edmonton all season-long! 

Contact Us for the Best HVAC Service in Edmonton, AB 

Looking for the best HVAC service in Edmonton, AB? Consider Hydro-Flo for all your residential and commercial heating needs in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Please contact us today to request a free quote for furnace installation or repair. If it’s time for an upgrade or replacement, we’ll help you determine the appropriate heating system for your residential or commercial space that also fits well within your budget. 

Is your unit heater ready to power through winter? Call us.  780-203-2230