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Root Removal Services in Edmonton

Nobody likes spending a day digging a tough hole in the dirt. Whether it’s removing a single stump or a field of twisted roots, as a busy home or business owner you probably don’t have the time to spare. Call the pros at Hydro-Flo to take the back-breaking effort out of root removal.

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sewer roots

Why Bother Removing Roots and Stumps?

Tree roots are a problem when they begin to grow into your septic tank or sewer line, or crack upward from under a sidewalk. Although tree stumps are usually removed for aesthetic reasons after a tree is cut down, if it was removed due to decay, disease or pest infestation, removing the stump will remove the potential for infecting your remaining trees. If left alone, exposed dead roots and tree stumps can also harbour stinging insects and termites, creating a hazard to your family and property.

Contact Hydro-Flo for Root Removal Today

From removing roots to control a living tree, or removing dead and decaying roots after the tree is gone, our team has the heavy equipment to make the job go easier and faster.

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