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Ready To Go Green?

Hydro-Flo is committed to helping home and business owners prepare for stricter mandates by offering multiple energy efficient equipment options. We also work with Edmonton residents who have qualified for city or federal rebate programs and are proud to be a Qualified Contractor for Edmonton’s CEIP program!

Not sure what program to apply for or what equipment is best for your property? Browse our options below or give us a call for a free residential or commercial quote!

What Is Edmonton’s Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator Program?

Edmonton’s  Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator is a program that helps you understand your home’s emissions, and provides rebates for upgrades including high-efficiency furnaces, insulation, hot water heaters, windows, drain water heat recovery, and more. The HERA program is a program the City of Edmonton designed to help homeowners understand their home’s energy performance, increase energy efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gases.

To start the process, an expert will come to your home and give you a Home Energy Evaluation, which will guide you on how to make your home more energy efficient!

What is Alberta’s Clean Energy Improvement Program?

Alberta’s Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) provides municipalities the opportunity to offer competitive financing to property owners for energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades. CEIP covers up to 100 per cent of project costs and offers convenient repayment through property owners’ regular property tax bill.

Learn more about this innovative financing solution for residential and commercial property owners to install renewable energy and energy efficiency retrofits. This can help lower operating costs, utilities & be a huge attraction for environmentally minded individuals.

Check Out Our Hybrid & Energy Efficient Equipment Options

Whether you are looking for a hybrid hot water tank or hybrid heating equipment we’ve got you covered! Our experienced team has helped Edmonton homeowners and businesses create more energy efficient homes and businesses for years so even if you don’t see the equipment you are looking for give us a call today!

Canada Federal Greener Grants Program
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City Of Edmonton Clean Energy Improvement Program
Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator (HERA) program
Commercial Clean Energy Improvement Plan

Why Choose Hydro-Flo?

We have decades of experience in Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & Plumbing in the Edmonton area so are well equipped to help you make the best decision for your home while getting the highest rebate possible! Hydro-Flo is also listed as a CEIP Qualified Contractor.  As a CEIP Qualified Contractor, we can help you apply for CEIP financing for eligible upgrades. With CEIP, you can finance up to 100% of your project costs,
conveniently repaid through your property taxes. This is an alternative to traditional financing, with approval based primarily on your property assessment and tax payment history, subject to your municipality’s Program Terms and Conditions. Rates are competitive with flexible terms.

Go With the Flo and Call Us Today!