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Buy Energy Star® Certified Equipment & Save!

The Canada Greener Homes Grants have been launched to help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient and help fight climate change.  There are just a few simple steps to qualify & if you have any questions please contact us for a free residential or commercial quote!

Requirements for the Greener Homes Initiative

  • Complete a pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation by a Registered Energy Advisor.
  • Complete at least one retrofit that is both eligible and recommended by your energy advisor in their report. Only homeowners who conduct at least one retrofit will be reimbursed.
  • Provide and keep copies of all of your documents until March 31, 2028.
  • All products must be purchased in Canada. Online purchases are only eligible if they are ordered from an online distributor located in Canada
Heating Equipment Residential
Cooling & Ventilation Equipment Residential
Water Heaters Residential
Heating & Cooling Equipment Commercial

Step 1

Reserve a pre-retrofit Home Energy Evaluation

To be eligible for reimbursement, participants in the Greener Homes Initiative must obtain an EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation, performed by a Natural Resources Canada Registered Energy Advisor before any work or retrofitting is completed.

Step 2

Register with Natural Resources Canada to confirm your Greener Homes Initiative eligibility

You can register with Natural Resources Canada either by phone or using the Greener Homes Initiative web portal. To register by phone call: 1-833-674-8282 (TTY: 1 800-465-7735)

Step 3

Select your previously selected energy advisor as your Service Organization

During registration you will have to choose which service organization you have scheduled your home energy evaluation with. Check this list or call our team for recommendations on local, trusted organizations.

Natural Resources Canada will send us confirmation of your eligibility and we will confirm your pre-retrofit Home Energy Evaluation reservation made in step 1.

Step 4

Plan, document and complete your home retrofits

After you receive the EnerGuide Home Energy Report in the portal from your Energy Advisor, you will review the recommendations & decide which to implement.

You will need to complete at least one retrofit that is both eligible and recommended by your Energy Advisor. You can find your home’s recommendations in your Renovations Upgrade Report and the online portal.

Step 5

Book your post-retrofit evaluation and apply for reimbursement

Once you have completed your home retrofits, you can start the reimbursement process. To be reimbursed, you need to submit all your required documents online or by mail.

Once your evaluation is complete, a new EnerGuide label and a post-evaluation report will show you how much more energy-efficient your home has become.

Step 6

Receive your reimbursement

Before Natural Resources Canada finalizes your reimbursement, you will need to confirm your grant total in the Greener Homes online portal. This is the last step before you receive your cheque.

Eligible Property Types

  • Single and semi-detached houses
  • Row housing
  • Townhomes/houses
  • All-season cottages
  • Mobile homes on a permanent foundation
  • Permanently-moored floating homes
  • Mixed use buildings (residential portion only)*
  • Small multi-unit residential building (three storeys or less with a footprint of 600m2 or less)

*Commercial multi-residential units (over 3 storeys or over 600 m2 in footprint) are not eligible homes under the initiative.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible homeowners in Canada regardless of where they live, can participate in the initiative. Only one homeowner per home can register.

You will be required to:

  • provide proof of ownership with your property tax bill number (this number can be found on your municipal property documents)
  • demonstrate the property is your primary residence through either a drivers licence or government issued ID (with address), or utility bill

The following groups are also eligible applicants under the initiative*:

  • Indigenous governments or organizations (e.g., band councils, land claim organizations)
  • housing management bodies and other representative or Indigenous service delivery organizations with formal partnerships with Indigenous governments or organizations

*These applicants may be eligible to register multiple homes, including homes that are not the owner’s primary residence. The home registered must be owned by the applicant and be occupied by an Indigenous household.

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