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Winters in Alberta are serious business, and many of our customers at Hydro-Flo Plumbing and Heating believe there’s no alternative to cranking up their heaters at whatever the cost to their utility bills. Here are a few ways you can be more energy conscious and curb heating costs this winter by getting the most out of your existing home heating system.

Get to know your thermostat

If you’ve never read the owner’s manual for your thermostat, now is the time. Dig out the booklet or go online to look up your model and learn about all its features. Not only can you program the static temperature, but you may be able to set up a night mode that reduces heat while you’re sleeping or away, create different zones in your home to keep the temperature lower in rooms you don’t use often, or use other customizable options to only use your furnace when and where you need it.

DIY solutions

There are plenty of fast and easy ways you can handle the cold without touching the thermostat, too. Wear extra layers of clothes and invest in insulated curtains you can open during peak daylight hours and then close them afterward to trap heat. If you have ceiling fans or portable fans, turning them to a clockwise rotation will draw warm air down towards the floor instead of venting up and away into the attic.

If you notice a draft coming from the seals around your windows or doors, you’re wasting energy and money every second your furnace is running. Foam weather stripping with adhesive strips is cheap and easy to find at local hardware stores, and it can save you more than its cost by creating a tight seal anywhere cold air is seeping in and warm air is escaping.

Maintain your heating system

It’s a good idea to service your heating system twice a year (spring and fall) and replace the filter every month, if applicable. Routine visits aren’t merely the difference between a working heater and a broken one; they are the best line of preventative care to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your investment. If blockages or leaks are left undiagnosed, the best-case scenario is you’ll spend extra money running your heater at low efficiency. The worst case is your family will face a serious safety threat due to fire or carbon monoxide in your home.

The exact elements of a professional HVAC service visit will vary depending on the type of heating system you have and how long it’s been since it was last inspected or cleaned. Call our heating contractors to find out what services your boiler or under-floor heating system needs on a regular basis. If you’ve missed some maintenance visits and experience an emergency breakdown, our team specializes in making same-day house calls to keep you warm.

Here’s one last tip for winter savings: lighting also affects your energy bills, so save big by lighting your home and decorating for the holidays with energy-efficient LED bulbs, which use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Happy holidays and happy savings from the Hydro-Flo Plumbing and Heating team!

Call our team today to schedule a maintenance visit!