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The Area’s Best Hydro Flushing Team

Sewage backups force sewage to flow up through floor drains and cause severe damage to areas like basements and garages. These sorts of serious backups are usually caused by an obstruction in one of your sewage pipes. Problems like these can almost entirely be avoided if you get routine hydro flushing of your pipes and sewage line. Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating specializes in sewer flushing services in Edmonton, Alberta. We are the preeminent pipe flushing company in the area. When we perform hydro flushing services, we leave your sewage line free of all blockages from hair buildup, grease, and tree roots. Learn more about our sewer flushing services.

Hydro-Flo truck

What Is Sewer Flushing?

Some clogs in drains can be handled with traditional drain clearing tools like plungers and drain snakes. When a clog becomes extremely impacted or is too deep, these conventional methods may not be enough to clear your system of the obstruction. When this happens, most professional plumbers will recommend hydro flushing. This is one of the safest, most effective, and most thorough ways to clear out your sewer line. Using high-pressure water means we don’t have to use clog-degrading chemicals that can damage your pipes. Most importantly, sewer flushing will clear away all major and minor clogs in the entire system instead of just addressing the source of the blockage.

How Does Sewer Flushing Work?

Sewer flushing (also called hydro flushing) is a professional plumbing service that uses highly-pressurized water to blast away obstructions in your pipes. With a specialized nozzle, we guide a hose through your plumbing system, clearing out anything in the way. When necessary, we can also use a scope to identify the source of an obstruction. In some cases, if a pipe is broken or cracked, the only way to identify it is through this type of scoping. It can also help us find the source of your sewage system’s particular blockage.

How to Know When You Need Sewer Flushing

As a homeowner, you want to keep your drains flowing freely at all times. You don’t want to wait until a clog forces sewage to back up into your home to seek hydro flushing services. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to notice the early signs of a clog. You should call Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating for sewer flushing services if you notice:

  • Unpleasant odors coming from your drains
  • Slow-flowing drains
  • Standing water around drains
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your drain
  • Flooding in your yard or lawn

The Benefits of Routine Sewer Flushing

When you get routine sewer flushing services for your home, you can sleep safe, knowing your entire home’s plumbing system is flowing. Some of the main benefits of hydro flushing your home’s sewage lines include:

  • Eliminating foul odors
  • Reducing clogs
  • Preventing sewage backups
  • Making drains flow faster
  • Cleaning drains without using harsh chemicals

Why Choose Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating

Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating is known for our specialty: hydro flushing. While our team of expert plumbers and HVAC technicians provide high-quality services in a variety of areas, we are one of the most well-known sewer flushing companies in Edmonton. The reason customers come to us time and time again include:

Get a Free Sewer Flushing Estimate Now!

We offer free estimates for all sewer flushing and hydro flushing services. The cost of hydro flushing services will be worth it if you can avoid just a single backup. So, it really pays to know the cost of flushing your sewage line clean of all blockages and debris. Once you see how affordable it is to keep your home’s plumbing system clean, you might want us to get started immediately. Contact us today for your free sewer flushing estimate.

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