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Sewer Flushing & Drain Cleaning

In Edmonton, the average sewer gets a lot of use. Collecting water and waste from every area on your property, from the kitchen to the bathroom, the sewer pipes connected to your home or business serve an important role.

Multi-family and apartment complexes can have many backups and floods from tenants putting grease down drains and clogging the sewer stacks between suits.

Unfortunately, the tenants in the suites below typically pay the price with floods and damage.
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The Importance of Sewer Flushing

Sewer flushing is a critical part of keeping sewer pipes up to par. Using high volumes of water under strict supervision, flushing can remove debris and address problem areas without costly service. At Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating, we can do the hard part for you, utilizing flush equipment to remove debris, contamination, and other issues. We’ll even help you inspect your pipes to catch problems flushing can’t cure before it’s too late!

Why Choose Hydro-Flo?

Our qualified team will inspect, prepare, and execute a complete flushing service on your home, stacks in a high-rise apartment, or from your business sumps and drain lines.

Regular maintenance and flush programs prevent costly insurance clamps and damage to property.

We can provide in building and underground flushing and sewer cleaning services 24 hours a day or on a complete sewer cleaning maintenance program.

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