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Technology meets plumbing

If there’s a problem or potential weak point somewhere in your pipes, the Hydro-Flo team will employ the latest technology to help fix problems fast. We know sewer problems can’t be solved by trial and error, they need to be fixed right and without delay!

Video line inspections for sewers and pipes

You can’t fix what you can’t see. That’s why we utilize a small, powerful video camera to view the problem area. By better diagnosing of drain issues, we know what equipment is needed and what techniques to use.

Attached to the end of a sewer cable, the camera use infrared lighting to illuminate deep inside the piping system and then sends back the information to the technician via its radio transmitter. One technician moves the camera through the drain, while another team member watches a live feed on the monitor.


Why video line inspections are effective

Using cameras as a tool for accurate inspections and diagnoses helps our team of pros pinpoint the exact location of a break or leak in very little time. The video feed also allows our technicians to evaluate the condition of the entire pipe from the inside, locate weak points and potential problems, and mark the location of the drain line and break. We use this information to determine if it’s best to simply fix one spot, or to evaluate options for repairing multiple spots at once, or even replacing the entire line for safety.

We strive to save you time and money immediately, as well as look to save you money in the long run.


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