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Exhaust Fans for Bathrooms and More in Edmonton, AB

Exhaust fan systems are usually invisible to home and business owners, only noticeable by small vents in bathrooms or kitchens and easily ignored. But the professional team at Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating knows this seemingly simple part of any building in Edmonton is actually an important safety feature that protects your family, your guests, and your property. To ensure your property has an exhaust fan or ventilation system and to keep it up and running safely, contact our team for inspections, installations, and any repairs and maintenance needed to protect the things that matter most to you.

Purpose of exhaust fan systems

Most homes have exhaust fan systems in bathrooms or kitchens, and commercial buildings may have them in work areas—but what do they do?

First, exhaust fans channel fumes that can pose health or fire hazards. In the kitchen, venting air while cooking with fire and smoke reduces the risk of a dangerous kitchen fire. In bathrooms, cleaning chemicals used in small spaces can create problems of their own if breathed in close quarters. A fan will distribute and suck out smoke and chemical fumes that present risks.

Second, exhaust fans play a key role in humidity control, especially on humid days outdoors in Edmonton and in moisture-laden bathrooms. Excessive moisture over time can cause serious structural damage to wood, plaster, paint, and wallpaper, warping doorframes and molding or causing mold and paint bubbles to appear.

Finally, similar to smoke and chemical dangers, exhaust fans do a good job of sucking out lingering odors from these fumes. Food and smoke smells in the kitchen and mold and chemical cleaner fumes in the bathroom are lingering and hard to eliminate once they are in place, so be proactive and have our team evaluate your exhaust fan system.

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