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Air Conditioning Installation Service Experts in Edmonton

Whether you are a business owner or a new homeowner, there are times when you may need to assess the need for purchasing and installing a new AC unit. Purchasing an AC installation unit and services is an involved and sometimes confusing process for anyone to undergo, and it is essential to making and keeping your space comfortable. There are many different types of ACs for all types of buildings, from small apartments to large-capacity airports. All AC systems and models have different cooling capacities, layouts, and setup requirements, and the landscape can be difficult to navigate without a professional.

Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating offers residential and commercial AC unit installation with unparalleled service and transparent pricing. Your Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating HVAC tech will walk you through every step of the installation, from preparing the site to testing your new system and make sure that you are completely satisfied.

Don’t take chances with your home or business’s comfort. Rely on quality and efficient AC installation services by HVAC professionals you can trust. We can guide you to an AC solution that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Factors that go into choosing a new AC

Choosing a new AC unit can be challenging for any homeowner, and we at Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating want to help demystify the process by helping our customers make the best decision for their home or place of business. To start, here are a few factors that you and your HVAC professional may want to review before making a final decision:

  • Size of unit
  • Size of home or place of business
  • Local air quality
  • Budget
  • Ductwork (making sure that your duct system is efficient and in good condition)
  • Durability
  • Accessories and additional equipment (heat pump, adjustable thermostat, etc.)
  • Future upgrades
  • Location of installation (shady spaces where it won’t overheat)
  • Maintenance (all units need regular maintenance)

We Finance New Air Conditioners

It’s vital to keep your home cool and comfortable in Edmonton’s hot summer months. Hydro-Flo understands everyone has different financial needs so we’re now offering affordable financing options for your home A/C. Apply now with our quick, safe and simple credit application process.

AC Installation and Repair Q&A

When should I have my unit replaced rather than repaired?

Your AC unit should be replaced about once every 15 years, given that it is well-maintained and serviced by a professional; however, if you find that multiple components of your system (such as your coil compressors or motors) are falling apart and becoming dysfunctional, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire unit at once.

How long can AC installation take?

The average AC installation process can take around 4-8 hours. Your technician will have your new system up and running by the end of the day.

How can I make my equipment last longer?

Regular maintenance by a professional is the recommended way to make your unit’s equipment last longer and avoid costly repairs and energy bills later on.

What types of AC systems are there?

There is a large variety of AC systems used for every purpose imaginable. Residential AC units (systems you may use for your home or small space) include central AC, ductless mini splits, window ACs, and portable ACs. Commercial AC units include single-split systems, multi-split systems, and VRF or VRV AC. Be sure to consult with your HVAC professional for what solution is best for your needs.

Can I run my AC without a filter?

No. While it may technically be possible, running your system without a filter will leave your system vulnerable to debris that can damage your unit and lead to expensive repairs.

What are some basic ways I can keep my unit operating efficiently?

Some easy ways you can maintain your system in-between professional maintenance checks are to clean off the exterior of your unit, change your filters every 30-90 days, and keep pests away from your HVAC system.

What can lead to an AC unit being less efficient?

There are a variety of things that may lead to your AC unit working less efficiently over time; these include letting pest such as insects into your system, letting ice build-up around your AC, not conducting an energy audit, constantly running your unit no matter the temperature or if you’re home, and not changing the filter.

Have more questions about what your unit installation or repair might involve? We love talking AC! Feel free to call us any time at 780-203-2230 to talk to the experts.

For the highest quality HVAC repair and installation services in Edmonton, trust in Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating. Contact us 24/7 here or call 780-203-2230 to receive a free estimate or schedule an appointment today.

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