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FURNACE, IN-FLOOR & POTABLE WATER HEATING from one high-efficient product

The syncFurnace combines a condensing boiler, control valves and pumps, and fan coil w/ECM motor into one package. Some of the benefits the syncFurnace brings to the table are, but not limited to:

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  • Full modulation gas-fired burner system
  • Variable-speed ECM furnace blower
  • Saves energy by adjusting usage based on outside temperature


  • Connects with stainless steel in-direct storage tank water heater
  • Most in-direct water heaters come with limited life-time warranty coverage *
  • Low maintenance, no annual flushing required* Warranty may vary depending on tank manufacturer

* Warranty may vary depending on tank manufacturer

Why Choose Us?

  • 24 Hour Service, Installation, and Construction

  • Same day service for both commercial and residential

  • Fast, Dependable, and Quality Plumbing and Heating Service

  • Installations 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week!


  • Reduce building envelope penetrations
  • Ideal for homes with restricted side-wall clearance or complex side-wall gas venting scenarios
  • Retro-fit inside existing B-vent and terminate vertically up and out roof


  • Increase livable space of home: in-floor heated basements are extremely comfortable
  • Precise indoor temperature control: syncFURNACE regulates energy input to match with the heating load of your home

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What makes syncFURNACE™ better?

A. syncFURNACE™ integrates all heating functions into one high-efficient gas-fired product. It incorporates a modulating burner system and variable speed ECM furnace blower. It saves space in your mechanical room by including all key components inside its cabinet and utilizes a proprietary control system to precisely control indoor temperature and optimize energy usage in your home. In comparison, for a traditional heating system to accomplish what syncFURNACE™ provides, you would need to install three separate (top-of-the-line) gas-fired products, each would require its own separate gas-line and chimney and there would be no operating synergy between them.

Q. What is the different between single-stage, two-stage and modulation type heating products?

A. Single-stage heating products incorporate an on or off burner system - when turned “on” the burner outputs maximum input into the home. Two-stage heating products are similar except have a medium and maximum input rate. A modulating heating product (like syncFURNACE™) operates in a range between minimum and maximum input (minimum is typically 20% of maximum). If you compare these types to driving a car, a single-stage heating product would heat your home similar to controlling your cars speed with the gas pedal in a fixed, maximum position and turning the engine on or off to speed up or slow down. A two-stage heating product is similar, except would have a medium gas pedal position (used first) and if you couldn’t reach your desired speed, a maximum pedal position would be applied. A modulating product operates similar to a cars cruise control feature. Once you set your speed, the gas pedal is adjusted in small increments - in or out - to find the exact position to meet the desired speed - or in the case of heating, the desired indoor temperature of your home.

Q. Why is a in-direct storage tank water heater better than an on-demand water heater?

A. An on-demand water heater has a high-capacity burner that heats cold potable water as it flows through when a hot water tap opens. There is no storage capability which results in a delay from the time the tap is opened to the time it takes for the burner to light and transfer energy into the water stream. It utilizes a high intensity heat exchange process that transfers energy from a gas burner into the water stream. Due to the large temperature differential of the heat exchanger, hard water scale build’s up on its hottest surfaces - overtime reducing its efficiency and shortening lifespan. An indirect storage tank water heater acts like a giant thermos. It has a thick insulation barrier and very low energy loss. syncFURNACE™ sends hot water to a large surface area heat exchange coil inside the tank, where energy is transferred and heats the potable water. The large coil allows for a low intensity heat exchange process resulting in minimal scale build-up and long life operation. This is one of the reasons most in-direct storage tank water heaters come with life-time warranty.

Q. Can I add air-conditioning to syncFURNACE™ ?

A. Yes, air-conditioning can be easily added. Air conditioning equipment attaches to syncFURNACE™ the same way it would with a traditional furnace. The same also applies in regards to air filtration, de-humidifiers and other indoor air quality (IAQ) equipment.

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