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EPCOR administers a cross connection program to support commercial businesses and multi-residential property owners.

A cross connection is a plumbing piping arrangement that allows a potable water system to be connected to a source of potential pollution or contamination. This can be both other sources of water, fixtures, hoses, or appliances that require water.

We all must prevent cross connections in order to prevent backflow or reversed flow of possibly contaminated water into potable water. Ultimately, backflow has the potential to cause the contamination of the entire public water supply, posing a risk for anyone using the water for drinking, cooking, bathing, or other purposes.

If there is an incident which results in contamination of public drinking water due to improper or unprotected plumbing connections, the owner responsible or occupant of the property can be held liable for damages.

Property owners must do the following to prevent backflow:

  1. Isolate your water system from the public’s through the elimination of unnecessary cross connections.
  2. Protect cross connections that cannot be eliminated with an approved backflow prevention device or assembly.
  3. Conduct timely annual testing of backflow prevention assemblies on your property.
  4. Use the correct device for the premises isolation of a commercial, industrial, or multi-residential property based on the degree of hazard the property presents to the public drinking water.

Testing must be completed annually by a certified and Epcor registered tester.

There are many devices and ways to protect your business or multi-residential property. If you require an backflow, check valve, or reduced pressure valve installed or tested today call us at 780-203-2230 or book online at

Epcor provides great resources for commercial, industrial, and multi-residential property owners to get assistance with these devices. Visit them at their Cross Connection Control Page for more information.

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