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Most newcomers to Edmonton are offered plenty of advice on how to survive an Edmonton winter: wear layers, stay clear of the wind tunnel effects caused by Edmonton’s skyscrapers and plan a winter vacation in a tropical climate. Beyond these, however, your best defence against an Edmonton winter is your HVAC or hydronic system.. If you’re a property owner or manager, keeping your heating equipment in good repair should be a high priority – and Hydro-Flo’s Edmonton HVAC specialists should be on your speed dial.

Offering comprehensive services such as commercial heating and hydronic installation, parts and repair, Hydro-Flo is your one-stop shop for all your commercial heating needs. We offer 24/7, rapid response in emergencies as well as scheduled maintenance to help you avoid emergencies. Call us for a free consultation and let us show you how to minimize your energy costs and get the longest life and best performance from your heating system.

Heating System Maintenance and Inspection

Dust, rust and other debris can build up on your burners or vents, obstructing the flow of air and causing inefficient operation. Regular seasonal cleaning keeps your boilers and make up air systems running efficiently. Call Hydro-Flo for a thorough cleaning that removes scale and dust, improving heating efficiency and increasing heating energy savings. If you suspect that your HVAC equipment is not performing well, we can perform a full inspection to pinpoint the source of the problem.

24/7 Emergency Repair for Your Edmonton HVAC

Every property manager should be able to make just one call to get immediate help in an emergency. Hydro-Flo offers you round-the-clock dispatch of expert heating technicians to repair your commercial heating in the Edmonton area. We will find the problem and, because we carry a large inventory of in-stock parts, we will complete necessary repairs without delay. If you’re hoping to squeeze a few more years out of an older equipment and are looking for affordable parts to keep it running, call Hydro-Flo for the parts you need and installation.

Installing a New Furnace

Your Hydro-Flo consultants can help you assess your heating needs and recommend a system that will give you energy savings and dependable, durable performance. No matter the scale of your commercial heating requirements, our team can provide solutions and expert installations. When you install your new heating system, ask us also about maintenance programs. We will help you get the most out of your investment in your commercial heating assets with regular inspection and maintenance.

Hydro-Flo installs and maintains commercial HVAC equipment throughout Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Make the experts from Hydro-Flo a part of your property management team!

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