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How Much Does Energy Waste Cost You Every Year?
If You Don't Know, It's Time to Find Out.

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The industrial sector is the largest employer of pumps, but most other building types, from hotels to hospitals to private homes, also depend on them for comfort and sanitation.

Pump Audits show that up to 60% of the energy consumed by pumps could be saved. In other words, there is a significant potential to saving money if your old pumps are replaced with new efficient pumps. With rising energy prices, it makes sense to get a professional check-up and to see how fast a new investment may pay back with a new pump package installed.

A Pump audit is performed by our specialists based on measurements. It focuses on the amount of material the pump is handling and flow variations during a relatively short and well-defined period.

The audit assesses the overall efficiency of your pumps and proposes changes to be made to improve efficiency. The proposals are supported by calculations of the savings to be made, the reduction of CO2 emissions, and the payback time on any investment.

The benefits are operational cost savings and not least significant reductions to installation carbon footprint

Why Get a Pump Energy Audit?

By undertaking a Pump Energy Audit, we will provide you with a report that recommends ways to improve pump efficiency and quotes for the remedial work, as well as calculating the payback period for any new equipment or repairs.

Pump Energy Audits - Potential Savings

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Energy Savings for Your Building

Multi-Stage pumps achieve efficiency with up to 30% improvement compared to single-stage spiral housing pumps with a large impeller diameter.

Simple Solutions, such as cascade controls, high efficiency motors, and multiple pumps offer an improvement over existing large, single stage inefficient pumps.


  • High efficient plus a variable frequency drive, saves energy costs

  • Available in cascade control or parallel applications

  • Can run up to 5 pumps

  • Pumps Sizes from ½ HP to 300 HP

  • Simple installation and operation

  • Thoroughly tested systems that arrive ready to install

  • An affordable option for your pressure boosting applications

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