How a Heat Recovery Ventilator Can Benefit You

What Is Heat Recovery Ventilation? 

Heat recovery ventilation means that heat is recovered, rather than lost, during the heating, cooling and ventilation process. Heat recovery ventilation typically involves the installation of a number of different fans which work together to push stale indoor air out of the home and replace it with fresh air without allowing heat to escape.

How Do Heat Recovery Ventilators Work?

Heat recovery ventilators encourage much needed ventilation inside the home while preserving the heat present in your indoor air. They do this by making use of a heat-exchange core that passes the heat from the stale indoor air to the fresh outdoor air through the walls of the core. The indoor air and the outdoor never mix but the heat is effectively transferred from one stream to the other.

What’s the Benefit of an HVR?
In most homes, the heat present in your indoor air is lost as it gets ventilated outside. With an HVR, the heat in your indoor air is preserved, being transferred to the fresh air being brought into your home. As a result, your home is always comfortable and full of fresh air. HVR systems reduce heat loss inside your home and lower your energy costs, saving you money year after year.

In addition to the energy savings, installing a heat recovery ventilator also ensures that you are breathing in fresh, clean air all year round. A heat recovery ventilation system filters and cleans the air effectively reducing the amount of allergens and airborne contaminants circulating inside your home.

You don’t have to suffer through Edmonton’s hot summer months with stale air out of fear that you’ll be letting the air conditioning escape when you open the window. When you have an HVR installed as part of your HVAC system, you can enjoy all the benefits of fresh air inside your air conditioned home.

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