Hot Air, Hot Furnaces, and Winter Woes

The furnace; an ancient design for modern sensibilities

There are many types of modern furnaces, including those who use natural gas, electricity, fuel oil and other methods of combustion. The concept remains rather simple: use an energy source to convert it into heat for a specific enclosed area. Today’s furnaces are highly efficient - some are even an astounding 98 per cent efficient! However, properly maintaining a furnace is the best, and only, way to get the most heat for your dollar.

The long and winding cold – getting your furnace checked for next winter

Preventative care is the best kind of care. With at least four or five months before the winds change again and the warm breeze becomes a biting winter cold, now is the best time to have your home furnace repaired or maintained. While certain repairs and tune-ups require the assistance of professionals, here are some basic home furnace maintenance tips that you can do at home:

  • Stock up on, and change, you furnace filters. Contrary to popular belief, furnace filters do not clean the air produced by a furnace. Instead, filters prevent the build-up of hair and other particulate that can damage the furnace’s internal mechanisms. It’s recommended to change your filter once every three months, and it’s always important to be stocked up on filters.
  • Fill up gas furnaces. Gas is more affordable during the summer months than during winter, when homes are consuming the substance at high rates. This is why it’s best to fill up a gas furnace during the summer – when usage is low.
  • Clean out soot and other particulate that builds up in a furnace’s combustion chamber. This can be easily done by first turning off your furnace, and using a wire brush to clean off the chamber’s walls and insides.
  • Check for, and patch up, any holes in the exhaust flue that can leak carbon monoxide. Also check the flue for signs of corrosion. While holes can be patched up, corrosion requires replacement furnace parts.

In case of home furnace repairs, contact a professional

There are many furnace repairs that can be done without contacting a professional, but there are situations, like replacing furnace parts, where an expert needs to be present. At Hydro-Flo, we offer a number of furnace repair and replacement services to the Edmonton area.

Contact us, or visit our website, to learn more about the services we offer, and to learn more about our home furnace services.

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