All-In-One Home Heating And Hot Water Solution: SyncFurnace!

Wide-ranging advantages of the SyncFurnace

  • Easy installation. The SyncFurnace can be retro-fit or installed in new homes. Either way, its footprint is smaller and tidier than anything available on the market. Typically, installations of this kind would require individual components to be assembled on-site, piece by piece, with an electrician required to wire boiler, pumps and controls and a plumber to connect the various components. The SyncFurnace engineers the guesswork out and the quality and simplicity in. Only the simplest plumbing and electrical operations are necessary.
  • The efficiency of modulation. Using high-tech sensors to monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures and other factors to precisely match energy input with the heating load of your home, the SyncFurnace produces and circulates heat in the most efficient way possible providing state-of-the-art uniform comfort throughout the house. This is the power of modulation.
  • The efficiency of a premium variable-speed ECM furnace blower. Electronically commutated motor (ECM) blowers are the most precise and efficient available, contributing to the overall high standard of efficiency of the SyncFurnace.
  • Excellent AFUE efficiency. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) for the entire unit is 95%, which is outstanding and translates into lower energy costs for you the home owner.
  • Install it and forget it! The no-hassle water heating system. The SyncFurnace connects to a stainless steel in-direct storage water heater which requires no maintenance and no flushing. Most in-direct storage water heaters come with a limited life-time warranty!
  • AC-ready! Air conditioning and all other equipment relating to air filtration, dehumidifying and indoor air quality (IAQ) can easily be attached to the SyncFurnace.
  • One direct-vent chimney is all you need. The entire SyncFurnace heating system is hooked up to one chimney to reduce building envelope penetration and reduce cost of installation.

For more information on the SyncFurnace and how it can fit into your renovation or new construction project, call Hydro-Flo Plumbing and Heating at 587-782-7847. We're there for you 24/7 for your home furnace needs or furnace service in Edmonton.

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