Air Conditioning Repair; Keeping Cool So Your Unit Doesn't Blow Hot Air

As you fiddle with your keys at the door, anxiously anticipating that first frigid wave to wash over your body, your heart sinks as you step inside your supposed winter fortress. The air conditioner is out of order.

Maintaining your air conditioning unit so it’s in-shape for the summer months

After a long winter, everyone looks forward to a warm spring and a hot summer. Many of us consider new clothes, patio furniture, and even picnic gear, but it’s also important to think about the appliances in our homes. During long, hot summers, the stress placed on air conditioners is immense, and not properly maintaining an air conditioner can be the difference between a cool, crisp home, and unbearable heat. When it comes to proper air conditioner maintenance, here are some tips to make sure your air conditioner works as best as it can during the summer:

  • Set your unit to the highest temperature possible for your comfort. It might feel necessary to turn your home into a winter wonderland, but too low a temperature and you’re not only reducing your unit’s efficiency, you’re also throwing away lots of money.
  • If possible, set up your unit on a timer. Most modern air conditioning units come with a timer setting, making it possible to cool your home in shifts. Many units even come with the option to set up specific temperatures at specific times, making it possible to increase or decrease thermostat temperatures automatically. A timer also means that your unit will work more efficiently, increasing its life expectancy.
  • Close your windows so your home isn’t losing any cold air, and so your air conditioner isn’t working overtime to cool your home. If you feel that the indoor temperature is too low, either raise the temperature, or turn off your air conditioner.

The importance of proper installation; saving money and time by asking the professionals

One of the easiest ways to wear out an air conditioner is by installing it improperly. Poor installations can lead to leaky ducts and weak airflow, while improperly loading a unit with too much or too little refrigerant (the cooling substance) greatly impairs performance. While it may cost a small additional fee, asking for help from a professional greatly saves on greater costs down the road.

At Hydro-Flo, we provide air conditioning repair and maintenance in the Edmonton area. Contact us and visit our website to learn more about the services we offer, or to have us set up your air conditioning unit for the summer months.

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